Ron & Maryanne McDonald.

We have both had full and interesting individual careers which saw us working off shore in & around S.E.Asia for extended periods. We have always had a keen interest in art, and have been avid art collectors, sourced from many countries.

We made a decision some 10 years ago that we would start to accumulate art (primarily paintings), with the view that we would start a gallery and framing business when we retired.

For many years we have been travelling to exotic locations around Asia, meeting emerging and established artists, and selectively acquiring their works. A number of the artists have already exhibited internationally, but most are young emerging artists with a passion to develop and succeed.

Following our retirement we relocated from Melbourne to Metung, and set about the task of developing the framing skills, and the gallery and exhibition business.

The name “Irrawaddy River Art” comes from our desire to have the name reflect, to some degree, the origin of the art which we sell. The Irrawaddy River runs north to south for some 2,170km and empties into the Andaman Sea. It has numerous tributaries that reach out towards the borders of India, Bangladesh, Tibet, China, Laos and Thailand, all neighbouring countries of Burma. The river emanates in the north with glacial melt waters from Tibetan glaciers in the Himalayas.

Whilst at this stage, the art that we have comes principally from Burma and Thailand, it is the plan, over time, to extend the range. The name is therefore reflective of the arts origin.